The Bank Objectives

The bank aims at raising saving awareness, encouraging savings among the citizens and accumulating savings to be invested in areas of economic and social development. The bank performs its activities in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Shari’a and the Banking Regulations Act of 1991. Taking into consideration the special nature of the bank, and in accordance with the above mentioned, the bank has the following objectives:-

1.   Draw the bank saving policies and layout principles for supervising them and coordinate with the concerned authoritiesto implement them within the framework of the general policy of the state.

2.   Channel the bank resources towards the economic activities that serve the comprehensive economic and social development.

3.   Provide the needed finance to the various sectors, particularly private projects for the poor, small-scale producers, artisans, professionals, engineers, productive families, low-income groups, those entitled to Zakat, students, women andsocial organizations agencies, taking into account thecollaterals that are appropriate to their circumstances.

4.   Financing social and economic feasibility studies andresearches for investment related to sectors mentioned above.

5.   Generally perform all banking activities: financial, commercial, and investment transactions, participate inindustrial, agricultural and urban development projects, in addition to the other social and economic development projects inside and outside Sudan.