Microfinance Ways:
a- Individual finance :

Applicant should be present personally to the branch with the required documents that support his application.

b- Collective finance:

·        Finance via intermediaries:

Intermediaries  are Civil societies like  grass roots, farmers,  women , small –scale industries and rural development societies that operate in the field of  microfinance and facilitate the process of providing microfinance for the targeted persons ,e.g. they  act as a third party through offering   intermediation services between the bank and the targeted people. In fact , the bank provides finance for the intermediaries via the following means :

1- Direct finance  :

This type of finance is generally executed through the restricted mudaraba mode ( Islamic mode) and there is no any direct relation between the bank and the beneficiaries who often benefit from this finance in this respect ,so the responsibility of the  finance often falls on the shoulders of intermediaries that represented  in the collection of monthly installments. Example of these intermediaries: Microfinance Institutions that do not take deposits.

2- Finance for individuals via intermediaries:

It is a finance for an intermediary and mostly carried out  through the  musharaka or restricted mudaraba mode . in return , the intermediary itself will later finance its members via murabaha mode and there should be only  a data relation between the bank and the targeted persons in order to be aware of their  files as well as opening  saving accounts for them without establishing any direct finance relation with them.

·        Finance for individuals under supervision of intermediaries:

It is a direct finance from the bank to beneficiaries under the intermediation of intermediaries, where the intermediaries follow- up all the processes of projects  from feasibility studies to collection of monthly installments.