Requirement of microfinance:
Intermediaries should submit the following documents to the bank in order to be financed :

1- Legal entity, valid registration certificate attested by authorized bodies.

2- Permanent office proof

3-The bank must check out that applicants have no commitmentstowards the banking system.

Documents required for delivering microfinance:

-Recent Finance Ďapplication

-Recent residence certificate

- Simplified feasibility study.

- Pro forma invoice

-Identity cards( National Number is preferred)

- Recent passport size photograph

- The bank provides finance for beneficiaries according to their residences or living areas.

- Provision of suitable collateral

- fill a finance form that concerns of a customer details and nature of a project.

- Concentration on productive projects.

Procedures to open a saving account:

- Individuals accounts:

- fill up application form.

- provide certain documents that verify the identity, like passport size ††photo, address proof and identity proof.

- Fill up a customer details form

- Fill upthe specimen of signatures form

Finance requirements for intermediaries:

Any an intermediary that needs a finance from the bank should present the following documents to the bank :

- legal identity and a valid certificate of registration approved by concerned bodies.

- Permanent office proof.

The bank must check out that applicants have no commitmentstowards the banking system

- Personal information about the persons who run the activity.

- Operational Plan.

-Intermediaryís previous experience certificatein the domain of microfinance in the form of volume of portfolio, rate of default and volume of the intermediary membersí savings.

Current accounts:

Steps to open a current account for individuals:

- Submit an application for opening a current account( printed or written by hand ).

- Submit valid identity documents like identity card, passport certificate, national identity , national number, lawyers and regular forces cards and any other directions issued by the Central Bank of Sudan.

- Residence certificate that issued by the popular committees or any other related bodies.

- Present practice license.

-Fill up the customer form

- Present valid origin or copy of trade license or the trade registration when it concerned with themerchants.

- Original and photo copy are to be produced . Original will be returned after verification at the branch.

- Submit salary certificate approved by the employer,incase of employees in both public or private sector.