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         First Vice President of the Republic of the Sudan issues a direction to raise the capital of SSDB t 

Addressing the third forum of the Microfinance which held at the Friendship Hall in Khartoum , The first Vice President of the Republic of the Sudan his Excellency, First lieutenant General , Bakri Hassan Saleh directed the concerned bodies ( Ministry of Finance and National Economy, Central Bank of Sudan ) to raise the Savings and Social Development Bank ( SSDB ) capital from SDG 152397 million to SDG 200 million before the end of 31 December 2016 as well as raising the loan ceiling for microfinance from SDG 20,000 to 50,000 in the 2017’s budget . On the other hand, he commended the role played by the SSDB in the field of implementing Government social policies , praising the projects funded by the SSDB in the different spheres such as industrial and agricultural sectors that used to compete against the imported products.
From his part , the General manager of SSDB his Excellency, Mr. Alzain Omer El-hado stated that the direction issued by the First Vice President that related to the microfinance comes in the context of the Government concerns on social development, the thing which motivated the SSDB to contribute effectively in providing microfinance for a huge number of targeted persons who economically active in the different fields , indicating that the SSDB used to deliver microfinance to more than 60,000 family annually, disclosing that it operates within 55 branches and outlets spread throughout the country and implements more advanced banking technology .On the other side, he stated that the SSDB is accounted for 27.4% of the over all microfinance in the country.

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         Savings and Social Development Bank ( SSDB) to celebrate the World Savings Day - 31 October 2016 i 

While addressing the World Savings Day event in Wad-Medani city- Gezira in 31.October 2016,The deputy Governor and minister of Social Affairs in Gezira State , his Excellency, Dr, Al-Fateh Hashash appreciated the role being played by the SSDB in the domain of social development and social balance ,especially among vulnerable categories, indicating that the SSDB had been instilling saving culture in the community for more than 42 years and currently it became a supporting tool for both federal and regional Governments in Sudan in the field of realizing a comprehensive social development . From his side, Mr. Alzain Omer Elhadu , the General Manager of the SSDB stated that the celebration of the World Savings Day in the Gezira State came in framework of the Establishment of the Sudanese Savings Bank in the Gezira State in 1974, adding that it owns 55 branches and outlets for the time being and all of them operate in the field of delivering finance for social development and major investments via the latest banking techniques across all the Sudanese States .On the other hand, he stated that the Bank will open two branched in both Wad-Rawa and Arba’ah Wa Eshreen -Al- Gurashei areas respectively in the Gezira State , indicating that the SSDB has funded more than 57000 projects in the Gezira State from the year 2012 up to the mid of the current year, noting that the SSDB launched a number of banking and electronic products during the celebration Day such as Mobile Bank, Marriage Facilitating project ( Farah &Sakina) and an electronic Form regarding the application for microfinance through the SSDB’s Website . It is worth noting that the SSDB’s World Savings Day celebrations consisted of a number of activities such as exhibitions, workshops, forums and honoring of some SSDB old leaders who took part in its establishment as well as some national personalities in the local community.

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